Revisiting Halo Reach | A Bitter-Sweet Full-Circle Experience

The Halo series was on fire at the end of the first decade of the 2000s. It seemed like the series would stay at the top with Call of Duty for years to come, but that isn’t the way things played out. Bungie, the original developers of Halo, was planning on taking a stepping back … Continue reading Revisiting Halo Reach | A Bitter-Sweet Full-Circle Experience

Top Ten Protagonists in Gaming

A great protagonist can make a game’s entire experience because whether it’s between levels or entire games, you are waiting to see what your hero is going to do next. The anticipation to see how they will deal with the next set of problems or resolve the ones that were introduced already is exciting.  These … Continue reading Top Ten Protagonists in Gaming

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood | Backlog Review

Continuing on my Wolfenstein adventure, I’m onto the smaller games to have released in MachineGames’ lineup. The Old Blood was released between The New Order and The New Colossus but is set before the events of The New Order, so that means that we are traveling back to the past and WW2.  I honestly didn’t … Continue reading Wolfenstein: The Old Blood | Backlog Review

Halo Wars 2 | Backlog Review

The original Halo Wars was a the first time that the Halo series was taking the chance and providing a different experience from its traditional FPS form. Much like the original Halo, it was taking a risk by delving into a genre that most people preferred to play on PC.  Most RTS games were not … Continue reading Halo Wars 2 | Backlog Review

Unpacking Review

As someone who recently moved into a new city, I saw Unpacking as reliving the nightmare that had been my move. However, the simple idea of a game revolving around the puzzle of finding the appropriate stuff in your home was something that I couldn’t not try. It was so mundane, yet it felt like … Continue reading Unpacking Review

My Thoughts on Halo Infinite Before Launch

It’s finally here. Halo Infinite is releasing next week after years of speculation, hype, disappointment, confusion, and backlash. For better or worse, it’s coming, and we know a few things going into the release already as well as a few new things that 343 has been drip-feeding us to keep the excitement strong.  It’s been … Continue reading My Thoughts on Halo Infinite Before Launch

Mario Party Superstars Review

This is a little different from the usual stuff that I review for this blog, but my nostalgia couldn’t keep me away from writing about it. I have not bought a Mario Party game since Mario Party 2 for various reasons over the years, but the most recent reasons have been that the games just … Continue reading Mario Party Superstars Review

Revisiting Outlast | A Classic Hide and Seek Horror Experience

There are few games that can instill fear in me even after I completed them, and Outlast seems to be one of them. I haven’t played the game since around 2015, and I hardly remember any of it at this point. I guess that could be a good thing and a bad thing because I … Continue reading Revisiting Outlast | A Classic Hide and Seek Horror Experience

Top Ten Platforming Games

Platformers might be my favorite genre when they are done correctly. There was a time in the 90s when this genre reigned supreme and that is when I began to play video games. They hold a special place in my heart and there has been a slight resurgence in their popularity in recent years with … Continue reading Top Ten Platforming Games

12 Minutes Review | A Night of Tragic Revelations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time to relive a moment and make things right? 12 Minutes is a game that combines the time loops from Groundhog with the detective work of Sherlock to do just that and it’s just as challenging as you might expect it to … Continue reading 12 Minutes Review | A Night of Tragic Revelations