10 Best Moments in Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a series that prides itself on the individual struggle. It often creates its own stories that way which makes my adventure in Lordran potentially much different from your own despite the linearity of the game.  However, there are plenty of shared experiences that people can share with this title and those are … Continue reading 10 Best Moments in Dark Souls

My Most Anticipated Games of 2022

Another year is in the books, which means we can start getting excited for another round of video game releases. I will be keeping my list strictly PC, Nintendo, and Xbox just because I don’t have a way to play Play Station at the moment.  It’s hard to be excited about things that you can’t … Continue reading My Most Anticipated Games of 2022

Top 10 Games of 2021

Another year come and gone and with it another roster of game releases. Despite what a lot of people might say, this game was filled with a ton of great games. While I didn’t get to play everything that I had wanted to, I did have the opportunity to play quite a few big titles … Continue reading Top 10 Games of 2021