The Gunk Review | It Could Have Been so Much More

Nothing gets me like a good action-adventure platformer, especially one with a realized and beautiful world. So seeing The Gunk recently hyped up on social media, I needed to go out and try it. Luckily, it’s available on Game Pass, so I was able to snag it up easily.  However, how does this tale of … Continue reading The Gunk Review | It Could Have Been so Much More

Top 10 Revelations in Gaming

A good twist can cement a piece of media in the pantheons of history. Look at Star Wars: Episode V or M. Night Shymalan’s early career. These things stick with us years after their initial release and continue to convince us that their later stuff is any good.  Twists are powerful so it’s no wonder … Continue reading Top 10 Revelations in Gaming

The Outer Worlds on Switch | Backlog Review

The moment that The Outer Worlds was announced, I was hooked. A sci-fi RPG where you explore different planets and space stations and run into cooky characters that may or may not try to get you to try some corporate fish in a can? It seems to combine No Man’s Sky with the Fallout series … Continue reading The Outer Worlds on Switch | Backlog Review

Top 10 Disappointments in Gaming

Disappointment is part of life, but in the gaming industry, it can hurt even more when a beloved franchise makes a long-awaited return only to fail to live up to expectations. Or that AAA game that has been hyped for the better part of a decade releases, and the reality of its delivery sets in. … Continue reading Top 10 Disappointments in Gaming

The Artful Escape | Backlog Review

There are times that I will download a game with the full intention of only grabbing all the achievements and turning it off again. I had every intention of The Artful Escape being a quick once-and-done achievement run but the game surprised me in more ways than one. It was a rock opera coming-of-age story … Continue reading The Artful Escape | Backlog Review

Top 10 Best Gifts in Gaming

It’s the gift-giving season and what better way to get into the festive mood than to be reminiscent of some of our favorite gifts of video games’ past. Sometimes a gift can make all the difference in our journeys through these virtual worlds. Something as simple as an iron dagger gifted to us by our … Continue reading Top 10 Best Gifts in Gaming

I Really Don’t Like Wolfenstein: Youngblood

If you have been following my blog the past few months, you know that I have been making my way through the most recent entries in the Wolfenstein franchise. For the most part, I have been really enjoying my time through this weird dystopian series. It has its highs and lows for sure, but each … Continue reading I Really Don’t Like Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Top 10 Fake Products in Gaming

Something that brings me joy in video games is seeing what alternate universe products they have. It not only helps to build the world that you are playing in, but it can often help shed light on the different themes that the game is focusing on. What may seem like an insignificant scene dressing is … Continue reading Top 10 Fake Products in Gaming

Revisiting Pokemon Snap | An Overlooked Gem of the ’90s

I remember going to Blockbuster as a kid and seeing the N64 they had in their lobby. Often, I would try and get a few rounds of something in before I was carted back home and sent to bed so my parents could watch a movie without me. However, one day it all became Pokemon … Continue reading Revisiting Pokemon Snap | An Overlooked Gem of the ’90s

Top 10 Examples of Cooking in Gaming

Ah, the holiday season, A season filled with family, friends, and most importantly, food. This is a time to celebrate food in all of its forms and even games aren’t afraid to get in the kitchen and cook up something delicious.  These 10 games are the best examples of cooking in gaming today. Whether it’s … Continue reading Top 10 Examples of Cooking in Gaming